drdan Dr. Daniel Im graduated from The University of Toronto with Human Biology major. He then finished graduate dental school at The University of Sydney. He has wide range of experiences in major hospitals as well as private clinics in Sydney. To name a few, Dr Im had his oral surgery rotations at St. Vincents hospital and Prince of Wales hosptial with Maxillary facial surgeons and other general dental surgeons. Locally he has been very well integrated with the community when he worked in Lindfield and Chatswood as a private clinician. His international externship in Samsung Medical Centre, working with the president of Prosthodontics of South Korea has gained him further knowledge in occlusion, crown, bridge and implant dentistry.


Dr. Daniel Im also takes part in teaching the future dentists at the Dental School at The University of Sydney, as a clinical educator. Being a member in the faculty of Dentistry at The Sydney University, Dr Im sets his quality of work to the highest and provides A-plus quality dentistry.


In his spare time, Daniel paints and enjoys playing guitar and writes music. He is regularly involved with community work at local church and is known as someone that is friendly and trust worthy.


Dr Im grew up in Toronto, Canada, and went to a reputable Trinity College School, where he served as Head of the House.
He thinks he may have received artistic talents from his mother who is an artist in oil painting.