The secret to fresh breath

Having Fresh breath has become so important these days that it is now almost socially unacceptable to have bad breath. We spend our lives interacting with people with our mouths we talk, we laugh , we kiss and most of the time people are too polite to let you know you have bad breath. Having bad breath can not only be socially debilitating but could also be a sign that something is not right and something unhealthy is going on in your mouth and body.

So what causes Bad Breath?

Poor Oral hygiene allows food turn to plaque in and around your teeth. Plaque allows bacteria to thrive and multiply and give off smelly odours.

Dry Mouth from not drinking enough water to taking certain medications can cause Bad breath. Saliva is a natural lubricant for your teeth and a natural cleaning system for your mouth, without enough of it will affect the smell your mouth gives off.

Infection you may have a sinus infection or gum disease that can cause foul breath.

Sometimes it not all to do with the mouth and you may have an underlying stomach issue. Reflux and ulcers can cause Stomach acids and contents to be pushed back into your mouth.

So how can I know what is causing my bad breath and how do I treat it?

If you are unsure what the cause of your Bad breath is your Dentist can help pin point the problem.

We will treat the obvious causes first and then if it persists then look at the more uncommon causes.

First Step is to clean your teeth and gums and remove any food and plaque that could be causing the odours. We will then teach you techniques on keeping your teeth clean.

We would ask you to stick out your tongue, many times the back of the tongue has grooves that allow for plaque to stick to and cause bad breath. A tongue cleaner might be all you need.

We recommend you to drink lots of water if your saliva looks thin and have a “frothy”apperance or you have a dry mouth.

If you still have bad breath and there is no obvious gum disease or infection it could be that you have an underlying issue with your Gastrointestinal System such as your stomach with ulcers or reflux.

Armed with this knowledge what do you now do?

Tonight brush and floss your teeth thoroughly, some tooth brushes have a tongue cleaner on the otherside of the head so brush the back of your tonque. Be careful if you have a gag reflex as you may induce gagging if you are doing this for the first time. Drink plenty of water and if you don’t notice your bad breath getting better we recommend you come to see the Dentists at Triniti Dental Clinic to assess and solve the puzzle that can be Bad Breath!