Regular Dental Hygiene

Regular Dental Hygiene

I cannot stress anymore how important it is to have your 6 monthly general dental check up and cleaning. At your general dental check up and cleaning session, we carefully examine for any oral health problems to prevent for unwanted major disease.


Our mouth is in constant battle with food and bacteria as well as mechanical wear and trauma. Even when you have perfect dental condition, we help you maintain your oral condition the way it is by general check up and cleaning sessions.


We are equipped with German Sirona Dental equipment for scale and cleaning, prophylaxes, and digital X-ray machines that emit significantly lower radiation to your body and high definition intra-oral cameras to captures live images of any conditions in your mouth.


We are proud to help our community and friends to keep healthy and clean mouth. Come in every 6 months for your dental check up with your friendly dentists.


Dr. Daniel Im
Principal Dentist